Do you know a new version of the Wiring Regulations has released, which affects every electrician? Well, the IET Wiring Regulations has undergone a complete review of the 17th Edition recently. This has resulted in the release of the 18th edition wiring regulations. And, undergoing 18th Edition Course in Middlesbrough is essential for every professional in the electrical sector.

No matter whether you are a domestic electrical installer or an electrician, working to the new standard is essential. Knowing the latest wiring regulations is vital for every level of professional in the electrical sector. Enrolling in a reputed training centre is thus important for undergoing the training course. Moreover, this will help you carry out every electrical installation legally.

Check out the handy guide below to learn all you need to know about the new wiring regulations.

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About The 18th Edition Training Course

The new IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition replaced the 17th Edition qualification in July 2018. It forms as the national standard to which every electrical installation throughout the UK must comply. Carrying out electrical work without knowing this standard will result in hefty penalties. To put it briefly, the training course tests your competence to check your qualifications for carrying out electrical work.

Changes Introduced By The 18th Edition Course

Some of the changes which the 18th Edition Course introduced after the earlier 17th Edition qualification are-

  • Revised requirements on Surge Protection Device (SPD) consideration & usage
  • New requirements for AFDDs (Arc Fault Detection Devices) have been considered
  • There is a new appendix on energy efficiency
  • Requirements for fixings and cabling support have changed
  • Some changes applying to work within special locations

Who Needs To Undergo The 18th Edition Course in Middlesbrough?

Every first-timer applying for Installation and Maintenance Electrician Gold Card needs to pursue 18th Edition Course in Middlesbrough. It’s not just electricians who are required to have an understanding of the 18th Edition. Even installers who are involved with any kind of electrical installations should have in-depth knowledge. This includes kitchen fitters and gas engineers too.

Operatives, who are already CPS members or planning to join a CPS, must have testing qualification as well as experience. Though 18th edition training isn’t compulsory for them yet, it is the best way to understand new regulations.

Choosing The Best Training Centre

You need to know that selecting a good training centre can make a huge difference. With every training institute claiming to be the best, you need to be careful when making a decision. Some factors you need to look for in a training centre are-

  • Skilled and well-qualified electrical trainers
  • Vast experience in electrical training
  • A great pass record
  • Excellent course delivery
  • Outstanding student feedback
  • Competitive pricing

What are you still thinking? Quickly approach a renowned training centre and enroll in an accredited training course!